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Our Brands


Mocha is modeled on “Quahveh Khanneh” or Coffee House of Morocco and Turkey, it’s where people gather over hot coffee & sheesha. An atmosphere conducive for long comfortable conversations, consisting of an assortment of loungy furniture, in a vibrant colourful setting. Our menu offers coffees imported from all over the world, freshly roasted and ground, high end gourmet desserts and shakes, Panini and Wraps. A list of healthy options, at value pricing completes our repertoire. Go ahead, take your 30 minute vacation. It’s where the world comes to you in a cup!

Visit: www.mocha.co.in

Smoke House Grill

Smoke House Grill (New Delhi) is where the madness of artistic creation meets the alchemy of science with the use of smokers to enhance every ingredient in our experimental molecular gastronomic fare. The food is steeped in European tradition and drinks mirror radical mixology, in a space punctuated by Japanese minimalism.

Visit: www.smokehousegrill.in.

del italia

del Italia (Mumbai) brought the experience of an Italian home-style delicatessen to the shores of Juhu beach, enveloped in the sunlit glow of a quaint seaside villa. By nightfall, the stars twinkle on its twin-level terraces serenading you with regional delicacies of wood-fired pizzas and tapas paired with grappa and wine.

Visit: www.delitalia.in

Stone Water Grill

Stone Water Grill (Pune) thrives on the energy of Koregaon Park, as a revolutionary experiential dining destination in the heart of Pune. The vast property unfolds with open-air seating surrounded by water to make for immersed dining, a bar flanked by trees and a grill churning out European fare including wood-fired pizzas.

Visit: www.stonewatergrill.in

Salt Water Cafe

Salt Water Café (Mumbai) furthers the food philosophy of its predecessor Salt Water Grill, replacing the playfulness of the sea with the earthiness of the woods. This contemporary take on timeless European cafés serves fresh breakfast as well as lunch, dinner and all-day menus allowing for refined eating in a casual ambience.

Visit: www.saltwatercafe.in or restaurant websites: Bandra | Churchgate


SHRoom (Delhi) is an alternate, psychedelic world of sensory perceptions with state of the art audio systems and cutting-edge visual projection technology. A true evolution of the clubbing experience, Shroom has changed India's nightscape with edible cocktails, fluid dishes and form-free sound.

Visit: www.shroom.co.in

Salt Water Grill

Salt Water Grill (Mumbai) was a harmony between the elements of the sea and the produce of the earth. Robust, organic ingredients at the grill and bar worked in a magical setting of chic dining by the beach with crashing waves whispering in your ears and flavours tingling your palate.

Visit: www.saltwatergrill.in

The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room (Mumbai) launched in 2006 is Mumbai’s first wine bar, located in a setting as unique as the listings on its menu. Specializing in the best of world cuisine and vino, with an enviable spread of meats and cheese that change with daily specials, the good times here flow endlessly.

Visit: www.thetastingroom.in

Prithvi Cafe

An integral part of the Mumbai’s cultural fabric, Prithvi Café is one of the precious few magical spaces left in a rapidly changing city like Mumbai. The café still maintains a cozy, homely, earthy and theatrical feel that is synonymous with theatre and the surroundings it is located in. The menu at Prithvi pays tribute to the champions of Mumbai's culinary heritage, and there can’t be a better space to enjoy these culinary nuggets than Prithvi Café.

Visit: www.prithvicafe.in

Mocha Bar

Mocha BAR (Delhi) was the home of beer, sports and rock n roll. An all-day drinking format seeking to change the Delhi neighbourhood pub scene and create an alternative mind space, the casual bar was an unintimidating place for an after-work or pre-party session. Play, pause, play harder.

Visit: www.mochabar.in

Mocha Mojo

Mocha Mojo (Mumbai & Chennai) is an ode to the decade of love, peace and flower power—the 70’s. A hippie departure from the conventional Mocha format… Mocha Mojo is an energetic and vibrant movement that introduces the raw-food revolution while promoting healthy alternatives and signature classics; set to groovy musical notes.

Visit: www.mocha.co.in

Mocha ArtHouse

Mocha ArtHouse (Delhi) elevates the concept of a multi-level experience with an avant-garde space that fuses contemporary art, eclectic culture and wholesome food. Seeking to be a revolutionary movement, it is fundamentally a gallery for edgy artistic expression while incidentally being a café serving experimental culinary creations. Painting a vivid portrait of modern designs, the all-day restaurant locates itself in Delhi’s emerging retail district.

Visit: www.mochaarthouse.com

Smoke House Room

Smoke House Room (Delhi) was a fresh, dynamic experience, serving progressive cuisine, inside a conceptual interior. Three degustations and an extensive a la carte menu had been designed by Chef Gresham Fernandes. Adjacent to the 42-seat dining room is the molecular bar, featuring signature cocktails made using premium spirits, and exciting new techniques alongside and international wine selection.

Visit: www.smokehouseroom.com


Finale (Mumbai) utilized our restauranting skills to provide complete B2B solutions with world-class desserts and coffees that lend final flourishes for standalones, hotels, clubs, caterers, corporate clients, business centres and institutions.

Le Kebabiere

Le Kebabiere (Pune) celebrated the depth and diversity of Indian cuisine. The menu paid homage to the once humble and now celebrated Kebab with a list of over 30 different varieties. Authentic recipes had been retained but were kept light on oil and spices to adapt them to a global palate. IEHPL’s first venture into Indian fine dining provides a platform to explore the fare of the subcontinent in a refreshing format and a contemporary space.

Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli (Delhi, Chandigarh & Mumbai) heralds the transformation of the refined Smoke House Grill into a chic café. Furthering the smoking and grilling techniques of SHG, Smoke House Deli opens early morning and works hard till late night offering everything from pancakes to noshes, pastas to burgers and desserts to cocktails. Daring to draw beyond the margins with painstaking detail, the décor takes an irreverent and left-of-centre approach that comes together to create a quirky personality and an intimate environment, which is both prolific and breathtaking.

Bespoke Cafe

Bespoke Cafe (Mumbai) was the first ever über-stylish café at the city’s primary luxury mall serving all-day light nibbles, fresh salads, creamy pastas, wholesome burgers and indulgent desserts. Using a fabric of strong yet understated elegance, it seamlessly stitched together an ideal setting for sharing relaxed moments with friends and family in a creative and comfortable ambience.